Who We Are

The University of Washington’s Dog Aging Project is dedicated to promoting healthy aging in people and their companion animals. The Dog Aging Project is led by Dr. Daniel Promislow and Dr. Matt Kaeberlein. Dr. Kate Creevy is our Chief Veterinary Officer.

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Science Explained

Age is the greatest risk factor for nearly every major cause of death and disability in developed nations. The field of Geroscience seeks to understand the relationship between the biology of aging and age-related disease.

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Get Involved

We are creating a network of pet owners, sponsors, veterinarians, and scientific partners that will facilitate funding, enrolling and monitoring pets in the Dog Aging Project.

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Welcome to the Dog Aging Project website. Our goal is to increase the healthy lifespan of pet dogs by targeting the aging process directly.

For millions of people, pets are part of our family. Unfortunately, companion animals such as dogs and cats age rapidly and have life expectancies that are far too short.  Scientists at the University of Washington want to change this. Research in the biology of aging, a field called Geroscience, has made tremendous strides over the past several years. Interventions have been discovered that are capable of slowing aging and extending lifespan in small mammals such as mice and rats. These same interventions could provide our pets with several years of additional healthy, youthful life.

We believe that improving healthy lifespan in pet dogs is a worthy goal in and of itself. To be clear, our goal is to extend the period of life in which dogs are healthy, not prolong the already difficult older years.  Imagine what you could do with an additional two to five years with your beloved pet in the prime of his or her life.   This is within our reach today.