Thank you for considering making a donation to the Dog Aging Project!  

There are several good reasons to donate to the Dog Aging Project through the UW Foundation.

100% of funds go to research – The University of Washington does not take any administrative costs or overhead from donated funds

Your donation is tax deductible – You will receive an email receipt directly from the University of Washington for your tax deductible donation

You can make a difference – Your contribution will support healthier, longer lives for all dogs


By clicking on the donation link above you will be taken to the University of Washington (UW) Foundation page for the Healthy Aging and Longevity Research Fund. We want to assure you that all donations made through this link go directly to support recruiting pet dogs into the study, veterinary costs to perform the exams and procedures, clinical and molecular assays, and bioinformatics analysis of the collected data.   With your support, we have an amazing opportunity to improve the health of millions of pet dogs.  If this project were fully funded, within 5 years, we may be able to increase healthy lifespan of middle-aged dogs by 2-5 years or more.  Your help can make this possible.

If you would like to support the Dog Aging Project but do not wish to make a contribution through the UW Foundation, please contact us directly:

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