Longitudinal Study

The goal of the longitudinal study of aging is to identify the environmental and genetic factors that cause some dogs to age well and live long and other dogs to develop diseases of aging and die far too early.  Dogs enrolled in the longitudinal study will be followed throughout life through a series of regular veterinary exams and non-invasive tests.  Dogs of all breeds and ages are welcome to apply for enrollment in this study.  Please note that this is not the rapamycin intervention trial.  If you are interested in that trial, please click here to return to the project details page and navigate to the rapamycin intervention trial enrollment forms.

We are currently accepting pre-enrollement for the canine longitudinal study of aging.  At this time we are not able to tell you when the study will begin, but we will keep you posted on our progress in raising funds for this study.

Is your dog ready to become a 'citizen scientist' by participating in our study? Any dog is potentially eligible for the longitudinal study. We cannot guarantee inclusion in the study, but will contact you either way. All decisions about study enrollment are made in consultation with a clinical veterinarian.

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