Your comments have made us smile and at times, made us cry, but they always motivate us. Thank you to each and every one of you for your support!


We love and care for our dog and would love if he can live as long or close to our lifetime…After all…He is part of the family. – Jeff

Long live all dogs! – Theo

Thank you and all the scientists and other team members working on this most wonderful and important research! Your success will mean so much to millions of dog parents all over the world!  Bless you! – Barbara

I am willing to devote myself to this study! – Cherie

Would love to keep her that way as long as possible.  So glad you are working on this project. – Tricia

So wonderful that you are doing this study and helping aging dogs!!  Wishing you all the very best and great success!! – Lynn

I just want more time with my dog. – Jon

Any viable option that would give us a few more quality years with these amazing family members would be priceless! – Suzanne

You guys are amazing, good luck with your trials! – Kristi

She is my angel! – Kim

This is awesome news! – Nancy

This dog has saved my life – Alexa

I love my dog more than anything, me and my dog are inseparable. I would love if I could get the chance to extend my dogs life.. – Jacob

Very very happy to see someone is working on this! – Amy

I would love to see them not just live longer but live longer healthier lives. – Cindy

I never understood the whole concept of mans best friend until I got one of my own. He is my hero and my very best friend. – Kista

Thank you for doing this work! Elizabeth

They truly are my children and any chance I could get to have more time with them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. – J

She is well trained and well behaved and is in good health and we would like to keep her around for as long as possible! – P

We think what you are doing is amazing! – Sean

She is my service animal and having extra years together would be fantastic. – Janyce

I am so excited about this project and really hope to see it grow! – Rachel

Would love to help our best friend live longer. It seems they are gone too quickly. – Randy

I am so thrilled that you are trying to extend the lives of our beloved dogs. Blessings to you… – Barbara

Best dog in the world and I want to keep her around as long as possible. – L

Please make this happen! – L

I love your concept and your attitude! – Mike



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